Goshen News, Goshen, IN

July 22, 2013

Mother and daughter win Dairy Delicious competition


GOSHEN — Several competitors entered Monday's Dairy Delicious contest, but it all came down to a mother-daughter duo in the end.

Pat Stahly and her daughter Shelly Sharkey took home first-place ribbons, each for separate categories in Dairy Delicious.

Stahly, of Goshen, won in the party dish category for her white chocolate raspberry pie, which judge Rosilee Bontrager (Senior Homamaker of the Year) said was beautiful to look at and tasty.

Coming in second was Carolyn Riddle of Goshen for her white cheddar cheese ball. And third went to Addison Browell for her cheddar shortbread.

The main dish category is where Sharkey excelled.

The Goshen resident entered a chicken broccoli braid, which all of the judges agreed was the number one dish.

Judge Bontrager said, "The flavors in there were well-balanced." She added the dish had a nice presentation and everything was well-baked.

Taking second place was Flo Helbling with her homemade mac and cheese. And third place went to Cheryl Baker of Middlebury for her layered enchilada casserole.