Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 23, 2013

Locals share thoughts on Pence’s address


GOSHEN — Bob Moore, a leader of the Elkhart County Patriots, said he was very pleased with Gov. Mike Pence’s first State of the State address Tuesday night.

“Gov. Pence is socially conservative and fiscally conservative,” Moore said. “Every time I hear him, the more I learn about the depth of him. I think he’ll be better than (former Gov. Mitch) Daniels.

“(Pence) is who he says he is. He’s taking positions on what he believes and doing what is right for his country and his church. He’s an amazing guy.”

Moore voiced his admiration about the new governor’s knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and The tea party leader said he thinks Gov. Pence will continue to lower taxes during his term.

“He knows the Constitution pretty well and not all politicians in office know the Constitution,” he said. “He’s good on social and financial issues and maintaining a good balance. We will see very positive results.”

Moore said he “first got to know” Pence four years ago after a tea party rally in Washington, D.C., and members put together a Christmas dinner.

“There were hundreds and hundreds of people and (Pence) just shared his heart,” Moore said. “He’s very careful about his integrity and personal priorities. He’s been wholesome, straight-forward, and consistent throughout his career. I’ve done research.”

Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman hadn’t heard or read Pence’s State of the State speech as of Wednesday, he said.

“What I heard was upbeat and it had a good tone to it,” Kauffman said. “I think he had the right notes.”

The mayor voiced some concerns, though.

Kauffman said he doesn’t like the idea of tax cuts or the surplus tax credit given to Indiana taxpayers as the state distributes part of its budget surplus.

“The state needs to put some of those funds in places where they can invest the surplus money,” Kauffman said. “I don’t want to see trouble in the future.”

And the mayor didn’t agree with Gov. Pence’s comment about Hoosiers having the best quality of life and Indiana having the lowest tax rate in the Midwest.

“You can’t have both at the same time,” Kauffman said.

He did agree with the governor on lobbying for improved vocational training.

“I like his focus on vocational and technical teaching,” Kauffman said. “I believe along those same lines and this is a good thing. We have jobs around, but not always the skilled workers needed to fill those jobs.”