Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 14, 2012

Ninth Street redevelopment plan accepted by commission


GOSHEN —  A plan to reshape the look and function of Ninth Street was approved by the Redevelopment Commission Tuesday.

The commission acted on the request of Goshen’s brownfield coordinator Becky Hershberger to approve the plan, which has had several public hearings and received community input. After some discussion, the members of the commission voted unanimously to approve the plan.

Commission president Thomas Stump asked Hershberger about interactions with business owners and funding for the plan.

“Business owners were addressed right from the beginning and we made three serious attempts to get in touch and meet with them,” Hershberger said. “Most of the funding will come from grants.”

She provided the commission members with copies of a brochure that’s available to the public and explains the overview of the project, which includes a comprehensive industrial site (brownfield) cleanup program, a truck route definition and improvement plan, a reconfiguration of Ninth Street, a greenway, pedestrian and bike lanes, redevelopment of catalyst sites, and the creation of gated rail crossing to create a train whistle quiet zone, West Ninth Street revitalization, and development incentives and standards.

The priority catalyst site, according to the brochure, will be the former Western Rubber property.

According to the brochure, the rail/Ninth Street corridor will be reshaped over several years as funding becomes available for each phase of the project. The corridor stretches from Lincoln Avenue to Goshen College.

The commission also unanimously approved a resolution to authorize a request for proposals to lease the restored millrace powerhouse and portions of the real estate adjacent to the millrace in the area of the millrace powerhouse, Stump said.