Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 3, 2014

Utility warning against calling scam


WARSAW — Kosciusko REMC is warning its customers that a scam seeking payments has been reported.

According to the company, a Kosciusko REMC member received a phone call which appeared to be from KREMC where a perpetrator is posing as a co-op or utility employee seeking an immediate payment for service in order to avoid disconnection. By falsifying caller-ID — a technique known as “spoofing” — the scammer’s call appears to be from the utility.

According to the company, consumers are threatened with having service disconnected unless they buy a pre-paid debit card or use an online payment service to pay their bill at once. Consumers are then directed to dial a toll-free number and provide the payment information, enabling the scammer to steal their money.

KREMC members should call the co-op at 574-267-6331 or 800-790-7362, if they are suspicious about calls received regarding their KREMC accounts.  According to the company, any KREMC customer service representative calling will already know the customer's account number and/or amount due on an account. Additionally, in most cases when a meter is subject to imminent disconnection a service technician will already be at the location.