Goshen News, Goshen, IN

December 12, 2012

Date adds up to special birthday for Bristol girl


BRISTOL — For one local girl, today isn’t just a neat date on the calendar.

For her, it’s a special birthday, too.

Grace Fry of Bristol turns 12 today — Dec. 12, 2012, or, in another way, 12/12/12. She said she was excited to have such a unique birthday.

“I think it’s interesting, and my friends think it’s cool,” Grace said Tuesday evening.

Grace planned to spend her birthday getting her ears pierced and going to the hairdresser, as well as shopping and spending time with friends. She spent Tuesday night celebrating with her family because this evening will be spent preparing for a Christmas concert at her church, River of Life in Middlebury.

Her parents, Larry and Kathy Fry, said they weren’t thinking it was such a unique day 12 years ago.

“I just thought it was going to be easy to remember,” Larry Fry said with a laugh. “I didn’t think ahead to this.”

Kathy Fry said she’s been thinking about what to do with Grace on her birthday for a few months.

“I am hoping I can make it a very memorable birthday for her,” she said.

Larry Fry said he decided to tell The Goshen News about Grace’s unique birthday because a friend at work mentioned another child turning 12 in the Fort Wayne newspaper.

“‘Well,’ I thought, ‘I have a daughter turning 12, too,’” Larry said.

Grace said she had a friend turn 11 on Nov. 11, 2011, and they had a lot of fun events to do.

“It was back then that I realized her birthday and started thinking,” Kathy Fry said.

Grace is one of four children for Larry and Kathy. She is home-schooled and in the sixth grade.

She’s not alone in her celebration of a Dec. 12 birthday. Television host Bob Barker and actor Kirk Cameron share a Dec. 12 birthday, among other celebrities. Frank Sinatra had a Dec. 12 birthday, too.