Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 6, 2013

For Goshen family, late March means new arrivals


— GOSHEN — Xaeh Blood was celebrating her first birthday March 26 when her mother, Angel Blood, went into labor.

The one-year-old had a newborn brother, Xhyler, born the next day.

Her older brother, 2-year-old Xander, celebrated his birthday, March 25, the day before his sister’s.

“It just happened,” Angel Blood said, smiling as her husband, Kyle Blood, looked at their three young children.

“It’s like history repeats itself.”

The mother said she went into labor with Xaeh on her first son’s birthday, but held off as long as possible.

“I wanted Xander to have his own birthday,” she said, and Xaeh was born just seconds after midnight a year ago.

Then 10 days ago, the same thing happened again and Xhyler was born at 8:28 p.m. March 27.

“We stayed with the X sound (for their names) to keep it unique and since they are so close together,” Angel said. “It’s a cool thing and I’m glad I had them all in March. It was bound to happen to me and it happened in a row.”

The siblings all weighed 7 pounds and were 21 inches long at birth but Xander has brown eyes, Xaeh has green eyes and Xhyler has blue eyes.

“I am thankful they are healthy and strong,” Kyle Blood said. “I’m glad to have a happy family.”

As for next March, Angel said there are no plans for any more children in the Blood family