Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 28, 2013

It’s not all about New Year’s resolutions


SHIPSHEWANA — Contrary to popular belief, New Year’s resolutions do not necessarily cause an increase in January gym memberships. At least that’s what Dorothy Hooley, owner of the Shipshewana Fitness Center, said.

“My biggest month for new members is September,” Hooley explained as she straightened up around her small gym, located behind the Forks grocery, north of Shipshewana.

Some people choose to start their program for fitness in January.

One of those new members is Pat Blinko. “My husband bought a three-month membership for me for Christmas last year,” Blinko said. “At first I was offended, and said, ‘Oh, so you think I’m getting fat? He said no. Later I forgave him after I started working out and felt so good afterwards. It was a great gift.”

Some members come to the fitness center more than once a day to break up their exercising routine.

One of the center’s regulars for the past five years has been Roger Slagle.

After surgery Slagle wanted to lose weight and tone up. He has a unique approach to his routines. “I like to relax while moving. I bring a book along because I am not trying to break a sweat every time, I am just keeping myself limbered up. Sometimes I’m here three or four times a day. It works for me.”

One of the biggest fans of the Shipshewana Fitness Center could be SueEllen Bontrager. “It is amazing what working out has done for me,” Bontrager said. “I go three or four times a week. I entered a nine-week weight loss challenge and I won! I have so much energy now. I will not sit around and do nothing ever again.”

“I enjoy going to the gym,” confessed Mervin Beechy. “My wife and I go at least four times a week. Sure, I am a little tired after work, but once I get going and I work out for an hour, I have so much energy, I’ll go home and do chores for a couple of hours before dinner. I had a rheumatic heart condition and recent surgery. Getting into a workout routine has improved my stamina and my breathing. It is a wonderful part of my life.”

The Shipshewana Fitness Center is the only full-service gym for men and women in LaGrange County. It offers circuit training machines, free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, sauna and tanning.

The Club

There are a couple of exercise alternatives offered on the other side of the county.

Kit LeBlanc owns a great workout room called The Club. This gym is on Fenn Street in LaGrange.

For women only, The Club offers circuit-style training machines, treadmill, individual fitness tools and an individual infrared sauna.

“The infrared sauna is a wonderful way to relax and revitalize in total privacy,” LeBlanc said. “We accommodate women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.”

 Ashley Skinner

 Also, Ashley Skinner offers Z-Dance workout classes at the LaGrange County Fairgrounds twice a week for nine months a year, October through April on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. She welcomes men and women.

All money from class fees is donated to the fairgrounds.

Lakeland High School

Occasionally Lakeland High School opens up its indoor walking and jogging track to senior citizens. The hours vary. Call the high school for information 260-499-2470.