Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 30, 2013

A GOSHEN NEWS EDITORIAL: Goshen College offers much to students, city


— This is an exciting time of year in the Goshen area for multiple reasons. The high school athletic seasons are in full swing. The high school marching bands are tuning up for their competition seasons. The weather is usually some of the most pleasant of the year (recent heat notwithstanding).

It’s also exciting because the students of Goshen College – Elkhart County’s only residential college – have arrived this weekend. While some student-athletes have been on campus for several weeks, the majority of the student body began arriving Friday with new students moving into their dorms on Saturday. GC is a small college, so the same day new students unpack their dorm rooms, they also meet their professors. This year, they were given iPad Minis to assist in their studies.

GOING TO COLLEGE is a major accomplishment, whether it be a small, liberal-arts college on the south side of Goshen, or a massive state university in a big city. College isn’t just about learning your future trade. It’s about opening your mind and learning how to live, contribute and be happy in this world for a long, long time.

We hope the new students at Goshen College realize how lucky they are to attend school here in Goshen. While it may not be the “college town” that Bloomington, Ind., is, Goshen has plenty going for it. The GC campus is classy and well kept. There are bike trails in all directions. There is a gifted faculty to learn from and lively arts and entertainment venues both on campus and just a few minutes north on Main Street.

WE HOPE ALSO that the residents of Goshen realize how lucky this community is to have a residential college of this caliber within their city boundaries. GC is a vital part of Goshen’s identity and cultural enrichment. Its alumni have traveled to all corners of the world on mission trips and have settled in this community to start businesses and families. Goshen College is a magnet that makes this community stronger. Words in its educational mission include “passionate,” “servant,” “Christ-centered,” and “peace.” Leaders and educators put those words into practice every year, every term, every day and during every class. And we’re all better for it.

So, with summer still pounding down on us, we would like to welcome another class of Goshen College students to town. May your experience be everything you’d hoped for and much more.